Are you currently represented by an Agency?
No, I'm not currently represented by an agency.

Tell us a little bit about your hobbies? What do you like to do when you are not modeling?
I love organic food, natural products, and wellness! Out of my love of natural products I recently started a small organic soy candle business. Nowadays, I am busy with it.

What goals do you have as a model in the next 3, 6 and 12 months?
I have been a beauty pageant winner in the past with different model contests. In the future I would like to participate in a model contest or beauty pageant.

Who is your favorite designer?
Miuccia Prada Bianchi is my favorite designer; I just love her designs! The designs are simple but elegant!

Who is the most influential person in the fashion industry that keeps you motivated and inspired?
I would say photographer J.ann Because when I work with her I am so happy to be modeling. I had recently stopped modeling when I moved from South Korea to the USA. I did not know anybody when I first arrived, but she sent message me one day asking if I would model for her. I was modeling again and she always takes amazing pictures of me! Being on a shoot with her is so much fun!

What do you love most about modeling?
When I was very little girl, my father took pictures of me a lot because he loves to take photos.
So I have a lot of pictures from my daddy. Now that I am living in another country I miss my families a lot, but when I'm modeling I can feel a connection to my country again. I don't know what this feeling is called, but I love the feeling. This is my favorite part of modeling.

Model: Nana Jones

Photographer: Jennifer McIntyre