Q. Are you represented by an Agency? 
A. Not at the moment.

Q. Tell us a little bit about your hobbies? What do you like to do when you are not modeling?
While I'm not modeling I'm either at the gym, hanging out with friends, going to car meets, wake boarding in the summer, taking a drive down to the beach, or going to the batting cages because I have a huge love for baseball.

Q. What are your goals in the coming months?
Get represented by an agency and try to be a model for Calvin Klein, Hollister, Nike or another sporting company.

Q. Who is your favorite designer? Why?
A. I would have to say Calvin Klein is my favorite designer. Calvin Klein's basic styles and colors, and minimal accessories are great for both men and women who aren't into bright colors and flashy accessories.

Q. Who is the most influential person in the fashion industry that keeps you motivated and inspired?
Again, I would have to say Calvin Klein due to his very basic yet bold style. I am a big fan of simple colors with 1 or 2 accessories that stand out that make your outfit look amazing. It's just really assuring that bold and simple is a trend because that's what I like.

Q. What do you love most about modeling?
What I love most about modeling is the endless amount of chances and opportunities it can bring you that most people dream of but don't pursue. It's an all around amazing way to show your self off and be happy with what you do.

Model: Justin Hammond

Photographer: D. Miszczak

Wardrobe Stylist & Creative Director: Dan Ostergren