It was so much fun to meet with each of you! Thank you for coming out and sharing your stories with us all. It was amazing to listen as each guest spoke passionately about their creative endeavors - my heart overflowed with excitement! As we chatted with one another we talked about what we've learned over the years as creatives, what lessons have stood out to us. Katie shared that she wish she had learned sooner as a model how to discern between the good and the creepy photographers. Lindsay shared that she wished she had learned to create with intention as opposed to blindly collaborating. It was fascinating to hear the scope of the lessons learned while noticing a trend in what we've all learned: many lessons are a result of wearing rosy colored glasses. I know I've worn them!


In attendance:

Photographer: Tom Lupton
Model: Nadia Lockheart
Hair Stylist: Lindsey Lea
Lingerie Designer: Poetic Works Lingerie
Jewelry Designer: From the Heart Jewelry by Evy
and of course the AVARI team!

Thank you to Loyal Legion for letting us host our first meetup with you! 

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