It was so much fun to meet with each of you! Thank you for coming out and sharing your stories with us all over some delicious appetizers!  

As we sat around talking about the industry, our creative endeavors, and the community, one thread of conversation really resonated with me: we all are looking for a place where we can be ourselves. We all have networked and many of us, being creative introverts struggle with the pressure to meet new people and initiate conversation. Many times going to networking events can feel like "speed dating" and let's be honest that is not all that fulfilling. Relationships take time to build and there is a need for more honest, inspiring connection. My hope is that as we host more of these events, we can provide a space that achieves just that, and one that ignites a fire within each of us to create more beauty in this world!

Thank you to Tilt for letting us host our first meetup with you! 

Want to attend our next meetup?  Check out upcoming events on our calendar below. We would love for you to join us!