Alley 33 is a must see local to Portland fashion show. The show is produced by Cassie Ridgeway and Elizabeth Mollo. Cassie and Elizabeth’s mission is about sustainability through supporting local fashion designers. Each designer featured in the runway show has their clothing for sale to the public and most of them have their owns brick-and-mortar stores. The local support from Alley 33 producers was amazing! The energy of the show was great, and the designers amazing. Here are a few I would love to highlight.


This whimsical, romantic woman's fashion line was a show stopper. The entire line was soft, opalescent hues, whites, soft golds, and to die for sheer fabrics. The detail to each and every piece was incredible. Designer Shea Wilcox has a cohesive brand that is stunning from head to toe. Each model that walked down the runway was equipped with a show stopping original design, matching shoes and the most delicate and adorable gloves that seem to be a signature of the Opal Heart branding. The designs were breathtaking.


Designer Carla Mink’s wearable fashion is unique and functional. The overall vibe of her collection was modern updates to some fashion classics. Mink’s patterned jumpsuit had a total 70’s vibe and her playful mixing of floral and plaid was executed perfectly. I suggest you get down to this designers shop on Hawthorne and see her designs yourself. The quality and detail of her line will blow you away.


This edgy, dark, bohemian line was definitely a crowd favorite! I believe each and every audience member could fall in love with at least one piece from this collection. From sheer to flowy, to structured. Altar has someone for everyone. The romper featured in their runway is a must see. It is quite popular at their shop on Hawthorne. You might have to get on a waiting list for this amazing piece.


This body positive line is a portland favorite. How could you not love a brand made beautifully for all shapes and sizes, accepting of beauty in all of its forms? This line gave me all the good feels. The clothes were beautifully made with such great detail to finish and fit. Every model wore every piece proudly. Chubby cartwheels embodies celebrating the beauty in all. Please, support this beauty and fashion warrior as much as you can!


Designer Allison Ditson has created the most fab Portland athletic wear and lingerie. From hooded tops to big heart yoga pants. This line was so fun! Allison’s fun take on active wear made working out not seem so boring. The big heart active pants were functional and so sexy with the mesh details. This line has something for everyone, men included!

The entire show was such a wonderful showing of local talent and a great showcase of local designers coming together. Supporting local designers not only gives you a one of a kind wardrobe, but it also supports a much greater cause. Supporting local and sustaining these designers is so important for every designer and the Portland community. Check out these featured designers and all of the designers from Alley 33 fashion show pdx and shop your little hearts out!

We ran into our friend Tom Lupton at Alley 33 creatively capturing the show. We asked to share some of his photos with you and he said, "Yes!" You can see some of his creativity in the slideshow above.


Beth Olson Creative

Tom Lupton